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What You Need to Become a Bodyguard

There is a lot of intrigue associated with the job of becoming a personal bodyguard. Most people think that it’s a fancied version of a security guard. The reputation of a bodyguard is brought by what we see in the movies and TV.

Fiction tells us that a personal bodyguard is someone who has a background in the military, a former Marine, ex-cop, or maybe a private military contractor stationed in the Middle East. But there’s more to a bodyguard than just the personification of being a hero.

Should you be interested in a career as a bodyguard, the first thing you must understand is that there are qualities you must start developing.

1 – Excellent Judgment

A personal bodyguard may be known for his or her physical prowess, but it’s a job that entails quick thinking and judgment. Your main responsibility is to keep your client safe and protected, which means you don’t let any possible harm or threat get near him or her. Doing so requires you to analyze a scenario and come up with a decision within seconds. You can quickly learn physical skills like handling a weapon and self-defense, but you need excellent judgment to successfully take advantage of those skills in protecting your client.

2 – Team Player

A personal bodyguard is a job that most likely will require you to work within a team to protect a VIP or high value personality. Therefore, it is crucial that you learn to become a team player. The only way for you to be effective is if you develop the skill to work with other people to achieve a common goal.

3 – Detail Oriented

Another critical attribute for a successful career as a personal bodyguard is attention to detail. Part of your job is to be mindful of your surroundings. If you’re tasked to protect your boss, it means that you should consider everything and everyone to be a threat. Even the smallest details must be considered. You can’t ignore the little things because it could spell the difference between life and death.

4 – Presentable Looks

You probably already know this because you always see those bodyguards in movies wearing a suit and sunglasses. The suit is designed to deter people. Celebrities and politicians prefer their bodyguards to wear suits because it deters and intimidates people, as if telling them that it’s not a good idea to come close. While your client has the last say on what you should be wearing at work, the idea is that you at least must look presentable.

5 – Good Demeanor

An effective bodyguard must learn how to conduct and showcase him or herself in front of the client and other people. Be reminded that you spend majority of your time with your client, which means you must carry with you a positive attitude all the time.

Aside from the personal characteristics mentioned above, a successful bodyguard must acquire training in different fields related to the job. This includes first aid and medical training, weaponry, security procedures, and emergency situations.

Lastly, a personal bodyguard is a job that requires you to become physically and mentally fit and healthy. The job takes a toll on your body. You can’t protect your client if you are weak in the physical and mental aspect.

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