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In today’s world, perhaps more than ever before, people want to feel safe. Whether they’re shopping, banking, going to school, or traveling for the holidays, almost every American values the protection offered by well-trained, professional security guards.

That’s why businesses are willing to pay good money to people like you to keep their property and their customers safe. But before you can join the ranks of this nation’s first line of defense against crime, you need to get the Georgia security guard training that will prepare you to take action.

The Georgia Security Training Academy does more than teach you to serve as a security guard. We help you land a job that pays well. A job you can be proud of.

5 Reasons to Choose

Georgia Security Training Academy

Our instructors are Georgia state board certified, a requirement if you actually want to qualify to work as a security guard.

We have a 98% job placement rate because we work directly with some of the top security guard agencies in Georgia to get you employed as soon as you’re certified.

We offer flexible training programs that work with your busy schedule (including a hybrid home study program for qualified applicants).

We train both armed and unarmed security guards, and we can even process your Georgia firearms license application.

We offer a wide range of related classes as well, from private investigator training to loss prevention and more.

Our Training Programs

Georgia Security Training Academy is committed to offering the training that is in demand in the state. Here are just a few of the positions we can help you get qualified for.

Unarmed Security Guards

Anyone who wants to work in the security field is required to undergo a certified 24 hour basic Georgia security guard training course. This class will teach you everything you need to know to get employed as an unarmed guard.

Private Investigator

Private investigators are an integral part of some of the most common cases to go through the Georgia legal system. With this course under your belt, you’ll be ready to handle everything from infidelity investigations to corporate fraud.

Bail Enforcement Agents

While the job might not be as glamorous as The Bounty Hunter makes it look, bail enforcement is a regular part of the American justice system. And with the proper training, you can join their ranks and do your part to uphold the law.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards make better pay and are in more demand than ever. But because of the dangerous nature of the work, the state of Georgia requires additional hours of training from a certified Georgia security guard training agency like ours.

Loss Prevention

The retail industry relies on qualified loss prevention staff to keep the bottom line from bottoming out. Our training prepares you to fill this in-demand role to protect Georgia businesses from shoplifters and more.

Executive Protection Training

This invigorating career field obviously requires professional training. VIPs only want to hire the best of the best to protect them, so let us teach you how to be the best executive protection agent you can be.

Why Our Students Are So Successful

There is a reason that the phones at the Georgia Security Training Academy are usually ringing off the hook with inquiries from interested students.

Put simply: we get you employed.

You see, we don’t believe that our job ends with the training. If all we did was run you through a course and send you on your way, we’d be doing you a disservice. We’d be doing a disservice to the state of Georgia.

We believe that it’s in the best interest of everyone to have the most qualified security officers protecting the people and property of this fine state. That’s why we offer the best Georgia security guard training you can find and work actively with our graduates to land them a job.

Here’s why our graduates are so employable…

It’s Easy to Join the Georgia Security Training Academy…

If you are a protector at heart and willing to serve the people and businesses of Georgia, you are ready to join our academy. The only other requirements are as follows:
If that looks good for you, then contact us now to get the process started. We are here to make applying as easy as possible.

Don’t Trust Just Any Georgia Security Guard Training Program

Believe us, there are a lot of so-called professionals out there who are offering Georgia security guard training. You might be tempted by a cheap price tag. But if they aren’t board certified, they aren’t worth it.

In the state of Georgia, you must be trained by a certified instructor or agency in order to work as a security guard. Be wary of anyone conducting training out of a rented hotel room, their own house, or even a coffee shop.

The Georgia Security Academy has a brick-and-mortar training facility where we regularly conduct live classes for individuals and groups. Our instructors are licensed, and upon completion of our program, you’ll be presented with an official certificate that qualifies you to work as a security guard in the state of Georgia.

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