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Georgia Executive Protection Training

If you are interested in joining one of the most specialized and elite sectors of the security industry, then our Georgia executive protection training program is the perfect fit for you.

Executive protection (or EP) involves providing personal bodyguard services to VIPs. You’ll be ensuring the safety of people who are at heightened risk of becoming targets due to their public status: celebrities, government officials, CEOs, and so on.

This invigorating career field obviously requires professional training. VIPs only want to hire the best of the best to protect them, so let us teach you how to be the best executive protection agent you can be.

Our 5-Day Executive Training Program

Georgia Security Training Academy is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Georgia executive protection training programs in the state. This 5-day intensive training will prepare you for everything that a personal bodyguard needs to know. Subjects include, but are not limited to, the following:

Principles of Executive Protection

The basics that everyone needs to know about the duties, attitudes, behaviors, and best practices of EP professionals.

Threat Assessment

Learn how to anticipate potential threats so that you can keep your charge safe before danger presents itself.

Legal Aspects

Keep yourself and your client on the right side of the law by learning the key legal aspects of executive protection services.

Tricks of the Trade

Learn the tried and true tactics and maneuvers for everything from navigating your client through a crowd to recognizing and confronting stalkers

Close Quarters Tactics

Everything you need to know about protecting your VIP in close quarters.

Firearms Training

Practice the specialized firearm skills of the EP industry: drawing from concealment, firing on the move, protecting your client, and more.

How To Become an Executive Protection Agent in Georgia

No executive protection agency is going to hire you if you can’t prove that you’ve been trained for the job. Martial arts training, a concealed carry permit, and even years of law enforcement service aren’t enough to show that you have what it takes to carry out the specialized duties of executive protection.

Your best bet to actually getting employed is to take an intensive Georgia executive protection training course that is taught by licensed instructors. And that’s exactly what we have to offer.

Start Your Georgia Executive Protection Training Today

EP agents are the creme of the crop in the security industry. They require some of the most serious training and must prove themselves to be a cut above the rest. But the effort is worth it.

As an executive protection professional, you’ll work with VIP clientele on a regular basis and earn the compensation appropriate for such important work. It’s an exciting arm of the security industry, and you’ll never have a dull day.

So if you are serious about finding an Georgia executive protection training academy that is committed to your excellence, get in touch today to register for our upcoming course.

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