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What kind of training do you need to be a security guard?

A security guard shoulders a handful of responsibilities. This individual is tasked to monitor and patrol buildings and establishments with the objective of preventing unlawful entry and trespassing. The presence of the security in a property also prevents or at least minimizes the likelihood of violence within the premises.

Aside from preventing unauthorized access and violence, the security guard is also responsible for answering emergencies when building alarms go off. They are skilled and equipped to apprehend any individual who poses an immediate threat to the property and its residents.

Corporations and large organizations spend money to hire security guards along with a director. The role of the director is to manage a bevy of guards and make sure that the security system installed to protect the building or establishment is in good working order. Furthermore, the security guard is assigned to keep his or her employer safe. Doing so means preventing unlawful interaction from individuals and guarding against possible violations of the law.

A considerable percentage of security officers make a living in the private sector. The reason is that the pay is reasonable, even lucrative at times. Most businesses require extra security to keep their establishments protected, and despite the availability of modern security systems, the value of employing security guards cannot be denied.

The security guard is an expert in several fields, including the protection of cash and valuables during transportation, retail loss prevention, and surveillance. Security guards also play the role of officers, bouncers, and armored car guards. There are countless instances of them subsequently becoming law enforcement officers. Some even take it to the next level by earning a degree in criminal justice.

Additional Duties and Tasks

The set of duties that a security guard performs differ from one setting to another. There are times when the guard remains in the same location while monitoring the feeds from the security cameras. Another security guard’s job is to monitor people coming in and out of a building. There also are those who work in mobile security, wherein they patrol and monitor people while on foot.

Some of the duties include:

  • Work with law enforcement, first responders, and emergency medical personnel
  • Monitor and document daily activities
  • Create reports about disturbances and violence within the premises
  • Make sure that the alarm system and access points like doors and windows are secure
  • Inspect the property and conduct patrols to protect it from several threats, including but not limited to vandalism, theft, trespassing, burglary, and criminal activity

Qualities Every Security Guard Must Possess

It’s true that many security guard jobs fall within the entry level. It means that you only need a high school diploma to qualify. However, those who put in the effort to get a degree in criminal justice are the ones who will excel in this profession.

The qualities that an ideal security guard must possess include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Quick and critical thinking
  • Impeccable customer and public service skills
  • Legally allowed to carry a weapon
  • Good judgment
  • Extensive knowledge in security and public safety
  • Independent
  • Knowledge of the law, specifically the ones governing the security industry

Becoming a security guard means you must search for an open position. It is up to you to choose a field or setting. If you’re looking for a job for the first time, you should grab any security guard opportunity in front of you. You will be subjected to an interview and background check. For the most part, there’s an on-the-job training once you get hired.

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