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Top Reasons to Become a Security Guard

You should consider the prospect of starting a career as a security guard because there are lots of opportunities out there. Unlike most other jobs, several companies hire security guards even with little or no experience. What’s even better is that once you get hired, you’re expect to get the usual benefits of a regular employee in a public or private sector, including medical insurance and paid vacations.

The job of a security guard is mostly undermined, but it is a career worthy of your consideration if you want stability. The very nature of the job gives you satisfaction in a way that you protect your clients and keep them safe and secured all the time. In fact, no business or commercial organization can exist without a security guard. From stores, construction, law firms, schools, to shopping malls and government offices, a security guard assumes an irreplaceable role.

So, what do you need to build a career as a security guard? Let’s find out more below.

1 – License

The security license is the basic requirement for you to work as security guard or personnel. In other words, your eligibility will depend on that license. Aside from the license, you also must be at least 18 years old and have a flawless criminal record.

2 – Health and Training

The role of a security guard is to protect people and property. To do that, you must be healthy enough to keep up with the physical demands of the job. Also, you only can legitimately become a professional if you undergo the right training.

3 – Communication Skills

Like most jobs that require you to interact with people, a security guard must develop excellent communication skills. It is a quality you must learn to embrace because you cannot avoid working with other people. The job may also require communicating orders, handling large crowds, and negotiating with other people.

4 – Adaptability

The security guard has a lot of responsibilities to shoulder, and the duties he or she needs to perform will vary from one setting to another. It is imperative that you develop the skill to adapt on different conditions and demands from your client. It’s the only way to showcase that you can do your job regardless of the challenges.

If you’re unsure about building a career as a security guard, then we’ve got a handful of reasons listed below for you to make up your mind:

1 – Becoming a security guard is a rewarding job.

Only very few careers out there can attest to the level of satisfaction you will feel once you become a security guard. The reason why it is a rewarding job is because you feel good about protecting people and maintaining order. You prevent crime and violence, which means the people around you are grateful for your presence.

2 – There are lots of job opportunities.

There’s an ever-increasing demand for security guards in many different industries and there is no slowing down. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity that offers guaranteed work, then you are likely to get a job should you choose to become a security guard. Security is required in different situations, with private and public institutions in need of someone to make sure that their property is protected against would-be intruders, burglars, or any individual or group with evil intentions.

3 – It’s a way to improve one’s observation skills.

Being a security guard means you get paid to watch and observe people. If you’re someone who’s interested in developing your observation skills, then this job is ideal for you.

4 – The job description is complex.

One of the reasons why a lot of people choose to build a career as security guard or personnel is because of the wide array of challenges that come along with the job. Although you carry the same title, the job will require you to perform different tasks and assume different posts. You could be stationary, on patrol, mobile, or work on a night shift.

5 – It offers an opportunity to obtain crisis training.

One of the most exciting things about becoming a security guard is that you will undergo crisis training to prepare yourself for all types of emergency situations. It’s often an overlooked job, but security guards are trained in first aid, fire prevention, and self-defense.

Becoming a security guard will teach you a lot of things in life. The responsibilities you must embrace will make you a better version of yourself. If you’re up to the challenge of protecting people, then this one’s your calling.

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